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* Training on SDA (SDA) on computers
* Driving Lessons on foreign car: GAB 1102, 21 013 VAZ, IZH-412,
   Lanos, Chevrolet Aveo
* Preparing for exams while updating driver's licenses

Tuition: theoretical, kat.V — 1500 UAH. Phased payment system. Schedule visits free. Staff and consultants thoroughly explain your problem every program on the computer and visual aids.

Main success on exams in the rap GA Interior Ministry of Ukraine!

Photo pupil FIRST has SUCCESSFULLY finished exams on our speedway 2011

Driving — 1 lesson — 140 UAH. (Petrol, oil). Payment for the lesson on charges of driving (after the class)...
Driving lessons are conducted on your own time in the previous agreement with masters.
Number of classes determined by the student (but no less than 10 course hours)

Masters Driving:

Suhoruchenko Evgeniy      Piotkovsky Vladimir

Suhoruchenko Boris            Klyashtorniy Ivan

Exams you can sit in the place of registration or attending college. Exam for driving rented a car, where you studied.

For courses:

Students may enroll in day of the study. When a bear: Photocopy of passport photos of the medical board and can provide driving training before.

Drivers Medical Board —For submission of documents in CEA GA should be driver medical certificate.
To purchase medical reference necessary provide:
  1. passport;
  2. Two color photos;
  3. for men — military ID (uppercase certificate)
Passing the exam in CEA GA MIA of Ukraine.
After successfully training students in CEA examinations deliver GA MIA of Ukraine.

All you need:
  1. Passport
  2. Med. Help
  3. 1 photo 3,5 x 4,5.
  4. Documents issued in courses (Certificate, the examination card)
  5. Receipts for payment of obligatory payments
Filing exam on traffic rules in CEA GA Interior Ministry of Ukraine held in the computers. With 20 minutes to answer 20 questions, while not allowed more than 2 errors.

After the exam on traffic rules, driving exam.
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